May 17, 2021

5:30-7:00 EDT

Hosted on Zoom


About This Session

The projects in this session feature mobile application prototypes and progressive web applications. Their work utilizes methods of user experience and interface design as well as various methods of product development.

Our Projects

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Auto Correct


Auto Correct is a mobile application designed to teach new drivers how to handle a vehicle breakdown and perform preventative maintenance in order to try to prevent future breakdowns.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021



Hmmgry? is a meal assistant application that helps you explore new recipes through randomization or exploration. It is built around a social network solely based on sharing food and helps users overcome challenges that prevent them from cooking as much as they’d like to. For reasons like indecisiveness, lack of time, being bored with their routine, or just not knowing what to cook.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Have You Herd?


“Have you Herd?” is a progressive web app (which is an app created using, CSS and JavaScript that can run in a browser or any device) that addresses the problem of the reduction of parents vaccinating their children. The desired outcome for this app is to persuade vaccine hesitant parents that vaccines are not just for their children but are needed to protect other children who can’t get vaccinated. The app uses different storytelling techniques and interactive experiences to build to build an empathic argument that vaccines are needed for herd immunity

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

The Curl Garden


The Curl Garden is an interactive mobile application created to assist women of color on their natural hair journey. This app serves as a resource hub with styling tips, includes an interactive quiz, and even houses a personal reflection space for users with a journal feature!

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021



Leaf is a website and PWA that help engage elementary aged children with nature through educational resources and fun, exploratory tasks.

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