May 17, 2021

5:30-7:00 EDT

Hosted on Zoom


About This Session

The projects in this session focus on digital marketing strategy, how digital marketing can establish awareness, and how it can be used to help create visibility for underserved communities. They range from developing social media campaigns and strategies as well as digital content creation and collections of resources. Check out this session to hear about research and strategy development. 

Our Projects

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Embody the Melanin


Embody the Melanin is a social media campaign that highlights the misrepresentation, adversity and journey of Black female athletes attending Predominantly White Institutions. The campaign educates and gives creative exposure to embrace inclusion and representation in women’s sports.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

What Moves You?


What Moves You? is a video-based educational website that informs and guides dancers in their professional dance journey. Using short documentary-style videos and additional educational resources, this project aims to help dancers in the decision-making process as they embark on their desired dance career path.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

The Green Room


The Green Room is an interactive website for dancers, their parents, and their teachers focused on helping pre-professional and professional dancers navigate their mental health during injury and recovery. The website includes a blog, guides, and interactive recovery trackers. The main content of the site revolves around the relationship between dance, injury, and identity, as that research inspired the creation of this project.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

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This capstone research examines how a standardized Twitch broadcasting campaign can better stream practice and increase audience engagement and conversion. The research aimed to design, build, and evaluate a novel strategic approach to use Twitch’s interactive platform to increase stream following.

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