May 17, 2021

5:30-7:00 EDT

Hosted on Zoom


About This Session

The projects in this session combine interactive elements and traditional video production to create active viewing experiences for users. Viewers can engage with the content and information in documentary projects in any order they desire, as well as have control of a short films narrative.

Our Projects

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Fit Burn Fitness


Fit Burn Fitness is an interactive workout video that gives users full control of a total body workout, with a personal trainer experience. It is housed on the Eko platforms that offers a cinematic interactive video experience that empowers participants to make choices that shape stories in real time.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Rooted Crowns


Rooted Crowns is an interactive documentary about the misperceptions and challenges of natural hair. Rooted Crowns not only points out these issues, it encourages women to embrace their natural hair and gives them ways to do so.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Picturing Sound


After months of production, multiple music videos were shot for a newly formed band to create content by hosting a virtual album on an interactive webpage. This system for music artists helps them produce for their fans using technology to replace in-person events in a socially distanced pandemic.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Mind Over Matter


Mind over Matter is an interactive documentary that sheds light on black mental health concerns in America. Some of the topics that are mentioned are trauma, anxiety, depression, inequality, representation, therapy, and more.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Lights, Camera, Options


The pilot episode of an original series, called therapeutic, that uses interactivity to enhance the viewer’s storytelling experience.

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