May 17, 2021

5:30-7:00 EDT

Hosted on Zoom


About This Session

The projects in this session use choice-driven nonlinear storytelling to adapt old media forms, such as fiction, short films, and music, in order to create a new digital storytelling experience. Multiple methods of content development were used to create these projects such as illustration, text, audio, and animation.

Our Projects

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Ghost Notes


Ghost Notes is an interactive narrative with elements of music production, filmmaking, and game design. The first chapter puts users into the role of a rising tour manager who has just been brought on to host the next tour of a mysterious, reclusive rockstar with a secret identity. Having just gone off the grid, the musician tasks the user with running the entire production by hiring new band members each step of the way.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

If She Can Do It


This interactive storytelling enhances reading comprehension, empowers young black girls to break barriers and educates them on historic figures in modern society. The overall interactive storytelling follows a little girl’s dream of discovering careers based on her encounters with historic black women in modern society.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021



Fellowship is an interactive Bible study experience that teaches elementary-age children the fundamentals of Bible teachings. While interacting with short films on the Fellowship Platform, children learn how to apply God’s Word to their every day lives.

Interactive Media Capstone Exhibition 2021

Goodbye, Fantarama!


Goodbye, Fantarama! is a fabulist work of interactive fiction about the demolition of a roadside attraction built in Twine. The project focused on research, narrative, and design.

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